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Shibboleth Cloud Auth module

Shibboleth Cloud Auth module for OpenNebula Sunstone


This is a new authentication module for OpenNebula Sunstone. Shib Cloud Auth module is useful, when a SingleSignOn login is needed, where the Service Provider realised with a Shibboleth SP. In this case, login handled by Shibboleth and so the Sunstone auth module (this one) controls the authorization of the users. If a new user wants to login, this module creates a new account for the user. The user's primary group and his secondary groups also created from the entitlements that come to Shibboleth in a SAML message.


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Configuration file is at the end of the main Sunstone configuration file (sunstone-server.conf). Some configuration option is self-describing (like :shib_host, :shib_logoutpage, :one_auth_for_shib). The rest of the options modify the behaviour of this authentication module. First an Apache HTTP VirtualHost location have to be created, a possible example can be see here:

<Location /one>
   shibboleth shield 
   AllowOverride all 
   Order allow,deny 
   Allow from all 
   AuthType shibboleth
   require valid-user
   ShibUseHeaders On
   ShibRequireSession On

When OpenNebula authorizes a user this module uses some Apache HTTP header variable, where the SAML message datas are stored. After a successful authentication from the Apache HTTP header variables this module can read the actual user's datas.


:shib_username: HTTP_EPPN
:shib_entitlement: HTTP_ENTITLEMENT
   - admin
   - alpha
   - bravo

In the example above the names of the users are stored in the HTTP_EPPN header variable, and the entitlements / privileges are stored in the HTTP_ENTITLEMENT header variable. The primary group of the user is calculated from the shib_entitlement_priority list, where the first existing groupname will be his primary group, the others will be the secondary groups of the user.