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SimpleSAMLphp OpenNebula Connector

This is a new authentication module for OpenNebula Sunstone. SSP Cloud Auth module is useful, when a SingleSignOn is login needed, which service is realised with SimpleSAMLphp. In this case, login handled by SimpleSAMLphp and so the Sunstone auth module (this one) makes only the identification of the users.

This module based on OpenNebula's XML-RPC API 2.0. There are two helper plugins to work together with SimpleSAMLphp: getSession plugin is required for proper functioning, attributeValueChooser is not necessary, but it solves the lack of belonging to more groups.

If new user wants to login, this module creates a new account for the user. User's group is updating during the login process, so when group information comes from SimpleSAMLphp, than user can change its own group (a possible implementation is attributeValueChooser plugin).

For recommended configuration and settings see: Installing and configuring the SSP module